retail loan
4 Times a Retail Loan Might Be Too Slow

By: Randy Hernandez | Chief Marketing Officer Retailers live in a complex network of selling in the 21st Century. The art of retailing has been completely transformed in recent years as bricks and mortar locations start websites or even launch a mobile-based sales option. Luckily, obtaining working capital has also experienced a wave of innovation...

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business loan for restaurants
New Funding Alternative to a Business Loan for Restaurants

By: Emily Klaus | Marketing Associate The term “business loan” can bring some negative imagery to mind: physically going into a bank, filling out stacks of paperwork by hand, making copies of your tax statements, bank statements, etc. and turning those all in in person, not to mention how lengthy the entire process can be....

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outdoor seating for restaurants
Is Your Restaurant Making the Most of Its Outdoor Seating?

By: Emily Klaus | Marketing Associate Spring is already here and summer is just around the corner! These are the perfect seasons for customers to enjoy their favorite food and drinks al fresco, or outside in the open air! Some people want to get a little tan and others think a margarita just tastes better...

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business financing
Bad Credit Doesn’t Have to Mean No Business Financing

By: Allan Thompson | Chief Operating Officer Don’t let the bad credit blues keep you from getting the business funding you need. If you or your business are recovering from bad credit or if your business is too new to have established a strong credit history, it can be difficult to secure a traditional business...

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fuel costs for truckers
Another Way to Save On Fuel Costs For Truckers

By: Emily Klaus | Marketing Associate Between truck maintenance and repair, high driver turnover, and business costs in general, the last thing a trucking company owner wants to worry about is the cost of the gas that fuels his business. With the average price of diesel fuel at about $2.32 per gallon1, gas is one...

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construction estimates
5 Ways to Improve Your Construction Estimates

By: Kenneth Wardle | Chief Executive Officer The very best estimates balance profitability with customer satisfaction. For those working in the construction industry, accurate estimates are the keystone of business. Price too low and projects could end up costing you money. Price too high and you may end up losing business to competitors. When estimates...

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funding for small businesses
4 Facts About Funding for Small Businesses

By: Emily Klaus | Marketing Associate Between Google, social media and word-of-mouth, there is a lot of information out there about small business loans. Finding the most accurate, up-to-date information and weeding through financial jargon can be tough, and it can be even more difficult to distinguish myth from fact. We understand that many small...

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construction business funding options
As Construction Heats Up Know Your Business Funding Options

By: Randy Hernandez | Chief Marketing Officer There are two seasons: Winter and construction. For builders and contractors, longer days and warmer temperatures usually mean a busier schedule and more projects. With additional volume, these business owners may need to hire additional staff, procure new equipment, or purchase larger quantities of supplies. To keep projects...

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trucking business loans bad credit
Keep Your Trucking Business Trucking – Even with Bad Credit!

By: Emily Klaus | Marketing Associate Those in the trucking and transportation industry face many challenges in their day-to-day work. Between stalled trucks, waiting on repairs and drivers stuck in traffic, there’s no shortage of frustration for these types of business owners. The last thing these merchants want or need is to have to worry...

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second-act career
4 Tips to Succeed in Your Second-Act Career

By: Emily Klaus | Marketing Associate From early on in our adult working lives, we fantasize about the day we can quit working for good and live off the 30 or so past years of hard work. Retirement seems like the ultimate dream: sleeping in, not having to request off for vacations or sick days,...

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